Terms & Conditions

Southeast Digital LTD endeavour to ensure all information and images provided on our website are correct at the time of publish.

Appointment Times

We do our best to provide our customers with an estimated arrival time wherever possible, however, please note that this is only a rough arrival time and is subject to weather conditions, traffic & other jobs booked during the day which may occasionally run over.

Where necessary we may cancel a job without notice if there is an unforeseen emergency or the weather is not suitable for our works on that day.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure enough suitable time is left during the visit for our engineer to complete all necessary works. Should enough time not be left by the customer, leaving another visit required – extra charges will be applicable.

If a booking is made, works proceed or equipment is ordered, the customer is agreeing acceptance of our quotation / verbal cost estimate / call out fee, and our Terms & conditions.

Customers are not required to be present during our works but it is advisable they are contactable by phone at that time.  Permission may be given by tenants to use landlord / agents keys if they do not wish to be present for our visit. 

Cancellations; Any jobs requiring more than 2 hours work are subject to a cancellation fee of £48.00 if cancelled by the customer less than 24 hours in advance.

Free Quotes & Surveys;

Our free quotes & surveys are for new installs only, including new TV / AV / CCTV / Electrical distribution systems. If you have a current system (analogue, digital, satellite, electrical) then a diagnostics charge will apply on any visit to the agreed address which will include ‘fault finding’, a service of the system in place & rectifying the fault. All diagnostic & call out fees are exclusive of VAT & any parts required to rectify the problem, unless stated otherwise. All quotes provided are on a no obligation basis.

We are happy to provide ‘rough estimates’ and advice by phone before visiting you, however this advice is subject to the information provided to us & can alter upon an engineer visit.

We are not able to fully diagnose a problem or provide an accurate quote without an engineer visit.

Timescales given by us are only estimations and may differ once works proceed. We cannot be held responsible for unforeseeable faults, problems with existing / old systems that we have not installed or ones that are out of warranty.

Applicable Fees & Warranty;

Our minimum labour charge is applicable in full whether we are with you for 5 minutes or 30, no matter how small the job.

Any jobs requiring over 30 minutes attendance will be charged at the higher labour rate.

Fault finding is chargeable.

Any fees for products or installations are variable & dependent on the property, signal, & type of installation required.

We provide a 12 month warranty with our parts & labour, meaning any faults found with our works or equipment will be rectified for free within that 12 month period. We must be notified of any issues within the warranty period and given the opportunity to visit with reasonable access and rectify any problems.

If another contractor is used to alter or amend our works in any way within this period your warranty will then be invalidated with us.

Any call outs resulting in ‘no fault found’ or ‘fault by customer’, will result in a labour charge payable on the visit.

VAT is applicable on every part & visit.

Intellectual Property Rights;

All content within this website including logos & photographs remain the property of Southeast Digital Ltd, and must not be reproduced, copied or distributed without our written consent.

Goods & Services;

All goods & services provided by Southeast Digital are subject to these conditions and are the basis of the contract between us and the customer.

Failure to pay in full once installation has been completed will result in any goods or services being removed and legal court action. All goods provided by us remain the property of Southeast Digital until paid for in full. We reserve the right to remove any goods where this condition has been breached. If the customer fails to provide payment in full and fails to give our company irrevocable & immediate access to the property to remove our goods, then police attendance will be used.

Although we do our best to assess each job accurately in the first instance, further assessments & recommendations may occasionally be required afterwards to continue receiving the best possible reception, this is unavoidable due to satellite positions & varying signal strengths.

Certification is not provided under any circumstance until full payment of our invoice is received.

VAT at the current rate is applicable on all equipment & labour without exception.

Price Match;

Southeast Digital operates a ‘price match’ guarantee on a ‘like for like’ basis, providing the customer is able to prove their quote from another RDI-LB registered company. This must be proven to us before commencement of works, anything after this will not be accepted.

Payment Terms & Methods;

Domestic customers must pay the engineer in full (incl.VAT) on completion of the works before leaving the property, a receipt will be provided, but for any larger jobs where invoices are involved domestic customers must pay in full within 7 days of receipt. Payment methods below.

Business customers must pay invoices in full (incl.VAT) within 30 days of receipt. If a purchase order is applicable this must be given to us before commencement of works, we will not be held responsible if this is needed & not provided – payment in full will still be applicable within 30 days. Payment methods below.

Southeast Digital Ltd reserve the right to proceed with legal action if the above terms are not adhered to.

Upon acceptance of our quotation and ordering of parts the customer is deemed to have entered into a legally binding contract with South East Digital Ltd, and our invoice must then be settled in full within the payment term stated, if this is not adhered to court action will ensue.

Customers may pay invoices by the following methods;

BACS (bank details are located on the bottom of the invoice),

cheque (made payable to Southeast Digital Ltd),

or by card (payable to our office over the phone.)

**Please note; We no longer accept cash.

**Please Note: We accept all major cards but we do not accept AMEX.

**Please Note; Should your cheque bounce, the customer must pay any fees incurred by us.

Property Damage;

It is the customers responsibility to ensure any suitable permissions are obtained if necessary prior to our works being carried out, and in the event that any of our works require amending due to this then extra charges will be incurred. Southeast Digital will assume that any necessary permissions have been sought & agreed further to receiving a works instruction, verbally or otherwise.

It is the customers responsibility to remove any possessions in the property within the area(s) of our works before our arrival, we will not be held responsible for any damage caused by not doing this. In the unlikely event that any other damages are incurred, our engineer must be informed before leaving the property & must be given the opportunity to photograph the damage. The customer must then inform our office the same day of the visit, where this will be dealt with in a timely manner. Southeast Digital will not be held responsible unless these conditions have been met, as above.


In the event of a complaint, please address this in writing to; office@southeastdigital.co.uk

Upon receipt we will respond within 48 hours and will endeavour to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible.