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Home Automation is fantastic for gaining easy control over some of the important aspects of your home, such as heating, lighting, security, communications, energy use and of course, entertainment.

By inter linking these systems under the supervision of a control system we can deliver simple convenience & something to show all your friends!

Without even moving, imagine your personalised system gently waking you each morning… your alarm can be a sequence of events to gently welcome you to the day, the heating comes on first, then the lights slowly awaken, your favourite album comes through the bedroom speakers in the ceiling, the blinds open and the radio starts up in the en suite ready for your shower! A great start every day!

Our engineers come equipped with specialist tools & the latest and greatest technology equipment, making us fully prepared and the best for the job! We have a wide range of options for you to hide away those cables, from inside the wall to under the floor or carpet, leaving no mess!

We have only professional, qualified engineers who take great pride in their works. All parts & labour are covered by a minimum 12 month warranty & we are always on the phone for any help you may need after installation.


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