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We offer the best technology fitted by our professional CCTV installers we provide affordable CCTV systems for homes and business. 

Protect your property with a professional CCTV security system Whatever your CCTV requirements are, no matter how big or small, we are able to provide a CCTV solution for you, no matter the budget. The CCTV systems we install range from the single camera application to multiple cameras viewable form over the internet all over the world and on your mobile phone (depending on phone).

Option 1 (non recording)

Single camera installed direct onto your T.V this can be used for a number of reasons, one scenario being you’re sat watching your TV and someone knocks at the door. Without opening the door you can see who is there before deciding to answer it. Starting from £149.00

Option 2 (recording)
1 to 4 cameras installed onto a 4 channel digital recorder. This is if you wish to record from the camera incase of any mishaps that may occur whilst you’re on holiday or at work. If any one does attempt to break in or vandalise your property you will have evidence of them doing it.Starting from £249.00 A site survey involves inspection of the physical location where the CCTV system will be installed. Our qualified engineer will determine the length and location of the cable runs, the best positions for each camera, and where the control equipment should be located. We will also calculate any additional charges that may be necessary due to unusual site factors that may complicate the installation.

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