Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answer to many common questions. If however, you have a question that isn't answered here. Please contact us with your question.

Q. Why does my TV lose channels / picture?

Your TV’s will lose channels or picture or sound usually for 1 of the following reasons;

  • Faulty equipment (e.g. Digibox)
  • Bad signal in your area
  • Old / damaged aerial, dish or cabling

Q. When / why do I have to re-tune my TV’s?

After any digital switchover you will need to retune your TV to obtain the new correct / strongest signal for your area, this will ensure you have the newest & most channels possible.

Q. How can I get better signal / better picture?

Providing your are set up for Digital, you can normally get better signal & more channels by re-pointing your aerial or re-positioning your dish to a different transmitter.

Q. How much is a Freesat / Freeview box?

Depending on what type of box & specification you prefer, there is;

  • Standard Freesat box = approx. £50.00 (depending on make / spec.)
  • HD recording Freesat box = approx. £80.00 (depending on make / spec.)
  • Standard Freeview box = £30.00 (depending on make / spec.)
  • HD recording Freeview box = approx. £100 – 150.00 (depending on make / spec.)

Remember – you will also need either a satellite dish or an aerial with either of the above.

Q. How much is an aerial?

A standard aerial install through us is £139.00+VAT, this includes the full digital aerial kit, feed to 1 room, and the labour cost. A non-standard install would be determined with a site survey (e.g; 3+ storey buildings / feeds to 2 or more rooms etc).

Q. Is Freesat or Freeview better?

This really depends on what area you live in and the signal strength there, and whether you would prefer a dish or an aerial on your building.

Q. What is the signal like in my area?

In most cases urban locations get stronger digital signals than rural locations, but there can be interference from other buildings / pylons & railway tracks to consider. can help you find out what the strength is like where you live, when your next re-tune is due and which transmitter is best for you.

Q. Why / when do I need a satellite dish?

In order to receive Freesat or Sky channels you need a satellite dish to capture the signal.

Q. Why / when do I need an aerial?

In order to receive Freeview channels you need a digital aerial to capture the signal.